Welcome to TEKIKIDS

Proudly brought to you by onlineTEKI

The co-founders of onlineTEKI, Michelle and Kate, are both busy working mums to school aged and young children. They have the same concerns about their own kids safety online as most parents have today. 

onlineTEKI runs a special (online safety) educational approach directed at kids, called Tekikids.  

Tekikids is targeted to the attention of KIDS – not their mums and dads!  

We want the KIDS to love Tekikids, think we are cool, and listen to our messages and warnings, hidden in our “coolness” as we share commentary on games, interview their favorite YouTubers and give them insights to all things technology and social media that they will love and want to learn more about. All the while we are keeping the kids safe online by subtly educating them “in a cool” way how to stay safe online, keep their money safely in their bank and keep their personal relationships “private” and not connecting with strangers unsafely.

onlineTEKI and Tekikids are an Australian start up disrupting the IT and technology industry with limitless potential and a clear and present goal to make the world a safer place for the whole family online.

Kate Luella (left) and Michelle Ferbrache, co-founders of onlineTEKI


  Kate & Michelle have created TEKIKIDS – for this reason 

Our innocent, vulnerable children.


Kids don’t know, what they don’t know.