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Got a problem?
Need some help?

OMG we just set up this page
and you already need some help!


Ok, as crazy as it sounds, can you
come back to this page in about a month?

I know what you are thinking, you’re thinking ONE WHOLE MONTH!

Yup, it sounds like a lifetime, but it’s really not.

Trust me, when you come back, this page will be brimming with helpful places you can get help for things like:

>> Cyber Bullying (idiots who really get under your skin)

>> Stranger Danger (weirdos online)

>> Data Theft (people who thinks cool to steal, but it’s not)

>> Privacy Stuff (you know, when someone shares YOUR private stuff online)

In a month, we are going to have this amazing international directory of all the places, people and organisations from around the world (yep – the whole friggin world) who can help you achieve what you want to achieve, so you aren’t alone.



In the meantime, why not ask a parent, or a teacher who is SUPER Kind to you (yes there will be ONE out there) OR you can always ask a Police person, you never know, they may be the key to helping you fix the problem you are dealing with.

The point is…

Don’t sit and stress, don’t OVERTHINK it.

Don’t be a hero, don’t be insignificant.


Some people just don’t play fair, and that will happen occasionally in life, and maybe that is happening to YOU right NOW!

But trust me when I say, YOU CAN DEAL WITH THIS.

Hang in there!

Come back in JUNE 2019 – We will be here with bells on waiting for you!

🙂  Kate
(the boss of this awesome website 😉


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